About us

Gispush started with the aim of directly connecting the main manufacturers and suppliers of scarves and shawls in Iran to the final consumers in the digital space on (12/12/2020).

Undoubtedly, the designers, manufacturers and suppliers of this industry in Iran are among the most experienced and best in the world due to years of experience and knowledge of different tastes, so Gispush intends to export through the Internet. Provide these products to other countries.

The quality of the products and the credibility of the sellers are very important for gaining maximum customer satisfaction for the Gispush, so we are very sensitive and careful in choosing the sellers of this website.

Gispoosh also provides the possibility of bulk purchase at a competitive price for esteemed retailers in all cities. Therefore, you no longer need to travel to Tehran and Jafari Bazaar. By seeing high-quality photos and different colors of scarves and shawls from different sellers, you can order wigs.

Reduce your traffic costs with Gispush and help protect the environment by reducing unnecessary traffic

Quality brings loyalty.