New style for wearing scarf

New style for wearing scarf

With this scarf model, you can be stylish in the shortest time!

A beautiful and at the same time attractive scarf model can make a unique change in a lady's style and make her look more stylish than before. There are different models for tying a scarf that make a lady can attend parties and gatherings with a different look than ever.

But most women, because some of the models are hard and complicated and spend a lot of time, decide to give up the chic and charm that they can create for their appearance at first glance!

Here we have prepared a model for you that in addition to the visual beauty that it creates in your type, it closes very quickly and easily and takes a little time from you. To close this model, do not worry about holding it steady. Just watch the instructional video once and easily understand.

This model is very suitable for people who have little time to show up and also for people who like beauty and fashion along with its simplicity. You can use this style to attend family and friendly parties and you will remember a happy, lively and stylish lady in your mind.

To close this model, you can use simple women's scarves and shawls, or you can add color and glaze to your style by using a floral design with happy colors, like the Gispoosh collection.

Fashion Tip: Be careful to use floral designs when your clothes are simple and monochromatic.

You can see how to close this beautiful model in the following video; Gispoosh has also prepared subtitles for you, if you wish, you can enlarge the screen and easily read Persian subtitles and learn this popular and lovely design.

Also, its steps are written below for you dear ones.

Simple and stylish scarf tutorial

To tie this model, shawls or scarves are suitable that have a large slate, do not slip over the head and have a high stature on the head. Cotton has all these conditions and is known as the best option. Gispoosh offers you the product of orchid flowers from this collection.

In this model, you do not need a clip and it is not necessary to use a hijab hat. If you still want to use other items such as satin or silk, do not forget the hijab hat and clip to fix.

Step 1) First, fold your scarf in a rectangle from the middle, then place it on the head so that one side is taller than the other.

Step 2) Take both sides to the back and take it out of the other side (it has a cross shape on the back).

Step 3) Take the side that was taller from the front to the front and tie a simple knot next to the ear.

You can tie the knot a little higher or lower according to your taste; Or you can knit a knot pattern and you can even weave the hanging corners of the scarf.

The interesting thing for friends who want to use a scarf is that you can also use a cotton scarf for this simple model.

Gispush invites you to see the model of wearing a girls scarf.

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